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California University of Management and Sciences is founded on
three principal objectives: Values, Versatility and Technology.

David J. Park, Ph.D.
Founder, California University of Management and Sciences

Dr. David J. Park is the founder of California University of Management and Sciences. His business acumen and expertise in the field of economics are attributed to his educational background having earned a bachelor’s degree in Business and Public Administration from Claremont McKenna College, and both master’s and doctorate degrees in Economics from the University of Southern California.

For about 35 years, Dr. Park taught economics at La Verne University, University of Maryland, and California State Polytechnic University (Cal Poly). While a professor at Cal Poly, he founded the Academy of Political Economy and Management in the spring of 1977. The academy’s name was changed to South Baylo University and added acupuncture and oriental medicine alongside its business management programs.

In 1998, the business management programs were spun-off into a separate college then known as the California College of Management and Sciences. This college was established and incorporated as a non-profit public benefit corporation and in 2002 changed its name to California University of Management and Sciences, also known as CalUMS.

As the proponent of this institution whose mission is to provide quality and affordable education, Dr. Park articulated the founding philosophy of CalUMS


The University encourages each student to examine his/her values in the light of changing technology and value systems in the society. The educational values of California University of Management and Sciences rest upon guiding the student to discover acceptable and desirable values applying them in acquisition and application of knowledge to better their own well being, as well as their community's.


The University encourages students to adapt to the increasingly sophisticated world. The rapid influx of information and knowledge is affecting the ways we work and live. Thus, general education is considered an important factor contributing to a versatile foundation to meet the future.


The University encourages students to acquire the knowledge and skills in business and sciences to align advanced technology with the rapidly changing global environment.

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